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Happy Conference 2022

Although before the pandemic there was already a growing health awareness, and an integrated understanding of physical, emotional and mental health – the challenges of the past two years have reinforced the importance of healthy living and a robust immune system, making health at work, in particular mental health, a priority on leaders' agendas. And if two years ago, the support given by companies to their employees in terms of health was generally seen as a desirable extra, now it is a true business imperative.


In this context, people's health is the foundation of the most distinct and responsible businesses. The reason is simple: in the medium and long term, healthy people are happier, more resilient, more creative, more productive, efficient and involved. Companies that prioritize occupational health and provide their employees with knowledge and tools to manage and improve their health are not only acting correctly from a social point of view but are also betting on a winning business vision consistent with a broad culture of health, with many small and large effects, at the individual and group level.


But let's go further. If we think that people spend most of their time at work, and that companies have a great influence on their employees’ lives, we realize that by inspiring and promoting healthy work environments, companies progressively assume a truly important role as a catalyst and public health vehicle.


Concerning mental health, companies around the world are already resorting to special programs to help their employees manage stress better, fight burnout and low levels of involvement, thus ensuring more and better balances in lives and careers. People need - and expect - healthy workplaces, and all of this requires profound and complex shifts in cultures and organizational dynamics for truly sustainable futures.


Some fears and stigmas must end, broken relationships should be re-established, some emotions must be expressed and deconstructed without fear, and a climate of psychological security should be felt and lived by everyone. Physical exercise can be boosted, dietary tips may be available, clinical routines might be instituted, and new intellectual spaces must open up. There are positive dynamics and incentives for much more health. Today we live in a unique time when leaders and teams can take on a prominent role in creating fearlessly healthy organizations.


Leaders should take this opportunity to rethink and define broader and more creative health strategies that encompass interconnected, multidimensional and complementary action fronts that will ultimately lead people to a healthier and more positive life, with themselves and with who surrounds them.


In this context, we challenge leaders and teams to join the Happy Conference 2022 - an experience full of knowledge sharing, which brings together a group of world-renowned speakers who bring context, concepts, strategies, tools, and practical-useful examples for the dynamization of more vibrant and positive health cultures in organizations.


The Happy Conference 2022 will be broadcast worldwide on March 29 at Teatro Tivoli. Companies can thus purchase tickets in person, virtual, or a combination of both. The theme is promising: Health Now: How Leaders and Teams Dare to Create Greater Organizations!